Current USN Chief Petty Officers REading List

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The United States Navy

Naval Heritage/Core Values Reading Guide

The following books comprise the Master Chief Petty Officer of
the Navy’s Naval Heritage/Core Values
Reading Guide as prepared in March 1997. This list is updated annually
as part of the Chief Petty Officer Initiation
Season. The books are available through the Navy Exchange or the Uniform
Center toll-free ordering system.

“A” list: required reading list

The Fighting Liberty Ships — A Memoir by A. A. Hoehling
Inchon to Wonsan: From the Deck of a Destroyer in the Korean War
by James Edwin Alexander
Bluejacket: An Autobiography by Fred J. Buenzle with A. Grove Day
A Sailor’s Log: Recollections of Forty Years of Naval Life by
Rear Adm. Robert D. Evans with introduction
by Benjamin Franklin Cooling
Tin Can Sailor – Life Aboard the USS Sterett, ’39-’45 by C.
Raymond Calhoun
Battleship Sailor by Theodore C. Mason
Brave Ship, Brave Men by Arnold S. Lott
The Fleet the Gods Forgot by W. G. Winslow
The Ghost That Died at Sunda Strait by W. G. Winslow
We Will Stand By You — Serving in the Pawnee, 1942-1945 by
Theodore C. Mason
Crossing the Line: A Bluejacket’s WWII Odyssey by Alvin Kernan
Mother Was A Gunner’s Mate: WWII in the Waves by Josette Dermody
Man-of-War Life by Charles Nordhoff
Thunder Below by Adm. Eugene B. Fluckey, USN(Ret.)
Master of Seapower: A Biography of Fleet Admiral Ernest J. King
by Thomas B. Buell, introduction by John
B. Lundstrom
My Fifty Years in the Navy by Adm. Charles E. Clark with
introduction by Jack Sweetman
Raiders of the Deep by Lowell Thomas, introduction by Gary E.
The Atlantic War Remembered — An Oral History Collection by John
T. Mason, Jr.
The Battle of Cape Esperance — Encounter at Guadalcanal by Capt.
Charles Cook, USN(Ret.)
The Golden Thirteen — Recollections of the First Black Naval
Officers by Paul Stillwell with Colin L. Powell
The Last Patrol by Harry Holmes
Proudly We Served — The Men of USS Mason by Mary Pat Kelly
Raiders from the Sea by John Lodwick
Ultra in the Pacific: How Breaking Japanese Codes and Ciphers
Affected Naval Operations Against Japan by
John Winton
Bull Halsey: A Biography by E. B. Potter
Submarine Diary — The Silent Stalking of Japan by Rear Adm.
Corwin Mendenhall
Devotion to Duty — A Biography of Admiral Clifton A. F. Sprague
by John F. Wukovits
Every Other Day: Letters from the Pacific by George B. Lucas
In Love and War: Revised and Updated by Jim and Sybil Stockdale
Good Night Officially by William M. McBride
Nimitz by E. B. Potter
Ship’s Doctor by Captain Terrence Riley
What a Way to Spend a War: Navy Nurse POWs in the Philippines by
Dorothy Still Danner
Fatal Voyage by Dan Kurzman
Naked Warriors by Cmdr. Frances Douglas Fane and Don Moore
Devil Boats by William Breuer
The Ship That Held the Line by Lisle A. Rose
Tin Can Man by E. J. Jernigan
Iwo by Richard Wheeler
Descent Into Darkness by Cmdr. Edward C. Raymer
Blood on the Sea by Robert Sinclair Parkin
On Watch by Adm. Elmo Zumwalt

“B” List: Reference

Against All Odds: The Battles at Sea, 1591-1949 by Alexander
American Naval History — An Illustrated Chronology of the U. S.
Navy and Marine Corps, 1775-Present by
Jack Sweetman
The Book of Navy Songs by The Trident Society
Gray Steel and Black Oil: Fast Tankers and Replenishment at Sea
in the U. S. Navy, 1912-92 by Thomas
Nautilus: The Story of Man Under the Sea by Roy Davies
Sea Power: A Naval History by E. B. Potter
Sharks of Steel by Steve and Yogi Kaufman
Air Raid: Pearl Harbor! ­ Recollections of a Day of Infamy by
Paul Stillwell
Assault on Normandy — First Person Accounts from the Sea Services
by Paul Stillwell
E-Boat Alert — Defending the Normandy Invasion Fleet by James
Foster Tent
The Fast Carriers — The Forging of an Air Navy by Clark G.
Heroes in Dungarees — The Story of the American Merchant Marines
in WWII by John Bunker
The Little Giants — U. S. Escort Carriers Against Japan by
William T. Youngblood
Unsung Sailors — The Naval Armed Guard in WWII by Justin F.
The First Team: Pacific Naval Air Combat from Pearl Harbor to
Midway by John B. Lundstrom
The First Team and the Guadalcanal Campaign: Naval Fighter Combat
from August to November 1942 by
John B. Lundstrom
Admiral John H. Towers — The Struggle for Naval Air Supremacy by
William F. Trinmble
Admiral William Shepherd Benson — The First Chief of Naval
Operations by Mary Klachko and David F.
The Magnificent Mitscher by Theodore Taylor
The Rickover Effect — How One Man Made a Difference by Theodore
Rockwell, forward by Adm. James D.
Allied Escort Carriers by Kenneth Poolman
At Dawn We Slept by Gordon W. Prange
Prisoners of the Japanese by Gavon Daws
The Two Ocean War by Samuel Eliot Morrison
The Naval Air War, 1939-1945 by Nathan Miller
Victory at Sea — World War II in the Pacific by James F. Dunnigan
and Albert A. Nofi
The Lost Ships of Guadalcanal by Robert D. Ballard
Crisis in the Pacific by Gerald Astor
History of the U. S. Navy, Vol. One, 1775-1941 by Robert W. Love,
Clash of the Titans by Walter J. Boyne
The Battle of Leyte Gulf by Thomas J. Cutler
Okinawa — The Last Battle of World War II by Robert Lackie
Normandy by Vice Adm. William P. Mack
War at Sea by Nathan Miller
War Beneath the Sea by Peter Sudfield
The Pacific Campaign: The U. S. – Japanese Naval War, 1941-1945
by Dan van der Vat
Miracle at Midway by Gordon W. Prance
John Paul Jones — America’s Sailor by Clara Ann Simmons
Authors at Sea: Modern American Writers Remember Their Naval
Service by Robert Shenk
Rocks & Shoals: Naval Discipline in the Age of Fighting Sail by
James E. Valle
Fighter Squadron at Guadalcanal by Max Brand
The Unsinkable Fleet: The Politics of U.S. Navy Expansion in
World War II by Joel R. Davidson
Run Silent/Run Deep by Captain Edward L. Beach
The Cruel Sea by Nicholas Monsarrat with intro by Captain Edward
L. Beach
Decision and Dissent with Halsey at Leyte Gulf by Carl Solberg
The Pacific War Remembered — An Oral History Collection by John
T. Mason, Jr.
PT 105 by Dick Keresey
Red Scorpion — The War Patrols of the USS Rasher by Peter T.
Fighting Squadron — A Sequel to Dive Bomber by Robert A. Winston
The Pirate of Tobruk — A Sailor’s Life on the Seven Seas,
1916-1948 by Alfred B. Palmer with Mary E.
Submarine Commander by Paul Schratz
We Pulled Together and Won! Personal Memories of the World War II
Era by Reminisce Books
Feet Wet by Rear Adm. Paul T. Gilchrist
War in the Boats by Captain William J. Ruhe
And I was There by Rear Adm. Edwin T. Layton
Submarine Admiral by Adm. J. J. Galntin
All at Sea by Louis R. Harlany
Slow Dance to Pearl Harbor — A Tin Can Ensign in Prewar America
by Captain William J. Ruhe
Battleships in Action, Vols I & II by H. W. Wilson
The People Navy by Kenneth J. Hagan
Longitude by Dava Sobel
U-Boat Commander by Peter Cremer
Kinkaid of the Seventh Fleet: A Biography of Admiral Thomas C.
Kinkaid, USN by Gerald E. Wheeler

“C” List: Reference

History of U. S. Naval Operations in World War II by Samuel Eliot
Vol. I: The Battle of the Atlantic
Vol. II: Operations in North African Waters
Vol. III: The Rising Sun in the Pacific
Vol. IV: Coral Sea, Midway and Submarine Actions
Vol. V: The Struggle for Guadalcanal
Vol. VI: Breaching the Bismarks Barrier
Vol. VII: Aleutions, Gilberts and Marshalls
Vol. VIII: New Guinea and the Marianas
Vol. IX: Sicily — Salerno — Anzio
Vol. X: The Atlantic Battle Won
Vol. XI: The Invasion of France and Germany
Vol. XII: Leyte
Vol. XIII: The Liberation of the Philippines, Luzon,
Mindinao, the Visayas
Vol. XIV: Victory in the Pacific
Vol. XV: Supplement and General Index


This is certainly an interesting list for content! I would personally
concur with most of these
books for a history education basis. As might be expected a lot of
these books are available from
Naval Institute Press, and perhaps they should consider picking up
reprint rights to some of those
that aren’t currently carried….as another aside, i see that there are
only about 12 of these that I DON’T have, which makes me feel reasonalby
good about my persoanl library! 🙂

– Brooks

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