ADMs King, Nimitz and Ghormley

January 29th, 2009

According to “Victory at Sea” by Dunnigan and Nofi, page
436, Ghormley “held a variety of administrative posts, culminating in
May 1945 in being assigned to oversee the demobilization of the
German navy. He retired a year later.”

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> schrieb:
> > Eric’s comments are essentialy correct. Nimitz visited Ghormley on
> > 28 Sep 42, and was dismayed to see the confusion and indecision on
> > the part of his COMSOPAC. He has also received dispatches that
> > indicated before his inspection trip from Ghormley, stating that the
> > Guadacanal campaign was lost. This was problably the reason for the
> > visit. Shortly before 18 Oct, Nimitz sent King a “King eyes
> > only” dispatch regarding change of command (prior to this, after the
> > Noumea visit, Nimitz had polled his staff officers regarding
> > replacement of Ghormley – the results of which were a unanimous
> > affirmative). King quickly and tersely replied “affirmative” . On 18
> > Oct, Nimitz directed Halsey to assume the role of COMSOPAC, replacing
> > Ghormley.
> That we’re talking about Ghormley…I have a question. I have
pretty well traced
> his career during the war, though a gap exists between his relief during
> Guadalcanal and his employment as Commander, Naval Forces Germany.
Does anybody
> know what he did then? And, what did a Commander, NFG do?
> Tim
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