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Glen Boren wrote:

> Could someone please E-mail me how to get on the MARHST-List? The
> directions that I got from searching won’t work for me.They are dated
> 4 Jan
> 1996 and are kicked back each time I try it. Thanks,
> Glen Boren

The list address changed last year. You can subscribe by sending a
request to: The list address is:

Steve Alvin
Dept. of Social Sciences
Illinois Valley Community College

“I have snatched my share of joys from the grudging hand of fate
as I have jogged along, but never has life held for me anything
quite so entrancing as baseball.”–Clarence Darrow

The Mahan Naval Discussion List hosted here at is to foster discussion and debate on the relevance of Admiral Alfred Thayer Mahan's ideas on the importance of sea power influenced navies around the world.