New Guinea

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>Keith Allen wrote:
>>New Guinea has also been neglected, but there are a few books out there in
>>addition to the U.S. Army official histories: Lida Mayo’s “Bloody Buna”; a
>>brand new book by Stephen R. Taaffe, “MacArthur’s Jungle War,” on the New
>>Guinea campaign of 1944; and Edward Drea’s “MacArthur’s Ultra,” about
>>intelligence in the Southwest Pacific. There is also a
Leavenworth monograph
>>by Drea called “Defending the Driniumor.”
>I have a book entitled _MacArthur’s New Guinea Campaign_ by Nathan Prefer,
>published 1995 by Combined Books, Inc. I haven’t read it yet, and honestly
>can’t remember where I got it. Is anyone here familiar with it? Is it worth
>my time?
>Tom Robison
>Ossian, Indiana
> _|_

I looked it over when I proofed Stephen Taafee’s book on the same subject
and it didn’t look like a world beater. Geoffrey Perret’s _Old Soldier’s
Never Die_ is a sound and very well written biography of the old egomaniac.
Just out in paperback too.
Eric Bergerud, 531 Kains Ave, Albany CA 94706, 510-525-0930

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