WWII list?

January 29th, 2009

Dear Tim:
Tried messagimahan@microworks.net wrote:
> Eric Bergerud schrieb:
> > There’s a Listserv list dedicated to World War II isnt there? Anyone have
> > the name and address? (Not H-War, I’m on that one for reasons that are not
> > perfectly clear.)
> The World War II List, it is the full name I believe. The address
to subscribe
> is
> listserv@listserv.acsu.buffalo.edu
> the text you need to put in the main body is
> subscribe wwii-l Eric Bergerud
> or any codename you wish to use.
> Hope this helps,
> Tim
> Tim Lanzendoerfer | “I have just taken on a great
> Amateur Naval Historian | responsibility. I will do my
> Email: BWV_Wiesbaden@t-online.de | utmost to meet it” – Nimitz
Dear Tim:
I tried subscribing to the WW2 listserve using the address
listserve@listserve.acsu.buffalo.edu Didn’t work! Ken Macpherson

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