Port Royal, adding insult to injury

February 11th, 2009

Navy cruiser dumps 5,000 gallons of slop

Discharging sewage was necessary for the welfare of Port Royal sailors, the
Navy says
The USS Port Royal had to dump 5,000 gallons of sewage while stuck on a
shoal a
half-mile south of Honolulu Airport “to protect the health and welfare” of
the crew,
said Navy officials, who are under fire for not reporting the spill.
The state Health Department says the Navy did not acknowledge the sewage
until yesterday, after it was reported by the department’s Office of Hazard
and Emergency Response. The Navy confirmed the spill after receiving an
inquiry from the state Clean Water Branch.
A Navy spokesman said there was no intention to hide the Port Royal’s
but he said he could not give details because of an ongoing investigation
into the grounding.
The $1 billion warship was freed early Monday and is headed for dry dock.


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